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Mindsphere AS
“Identity Management projects are often initiated in the Board room as a result of increased focus on risk management. This initiative forces the organization to look for operational programs that will lead to reliable policies/processes that are documented, tested and attested by external auditors.

Professional Identity and Access Management solutions are made to meet the need for accurate and reliable management of stored information. These systems often support required functionality to report changes and keep track of all changes done during an application life time. 

The quality of the initial data, which is entered to the IdM system, is crucial to the project success. Eurekify Sage adds value to any Identity project by cleansing Identity and Access rights data and ensuring valid and reliable input data at the project’s starting point. With Sage, the organization saves the huge spending related with the time consuming manual review of all user access rights.

Based on extensive use of the product, our customers have stated that Sage have saved them years of manual work and shortened their project timeframe”

John Steinar Skalevik, Regional Manager.



NetworkingPS, LLC
“Working with one of our clients, a mortgage loan company, defining the roles required for implementing a complete RBAC model was accomplished within one month utilizing Sage. This was a critical step in their overall IdM deployment, and has provided the ability for them to achieve a more rapid ROI and regulation compliance.

At NPS we have seen that stand alone role management lifecycle has significant value, and when integrated with an Identity Management system, a company gains the full benefits of deploying and managing role-based access control enterprise wide.

In the past, implementation of a true RBAC driven IdM system was a complex, multi-year task. Utilizing Sage, the time frame to create the required roles is reduced significantly, allowing value recognition at the earlier stages of your overall IdM project and an improved ability to achieve, manage, and report on overall regulation compliance.”

Ted Balfour, Vice President - Security Solutions.



“We have used Eurekify's Sage to build a few roles for thousands of users. It is clearly an easy method to create roles and maintain them. With Sage we could:

  1. Easily export the relevant data with batchrun from BMC Control-SA.
  2. Create the roles - Sage easily finds people with exactly the same permissions, with similar permissions, etc.  Model parameters can be adjusted until desired Roles are created.
  3. Create the batchrun statement, which when run against Control-SA creates the defined roles in Control-SA”

Peter Zuenti, Consultant.



Inter Access BV
“Sage Discovery and Audit provides a quick and easy insight of the authorizations within a company’s infrastructure. This enables customers to establish a process where a business manager can easily validate the authorizations of his/her employees. Sage helps customers realize the benefits of RBAC”

Koos Jennekens, Senior Consultant.



“Sage Discovery and Audit helps our customers realize the real status of their privilege assignment processes. Even when roles were previously deployed, it immediately verifies duplications and redundancies. Sage provides instrumental tools for managing Roles. With Sage, our customers can very simply and quickly add new Roles or modify current ones according to organizational demands. When facing the challenge of managing and properly controlling Roles, Sage has proven to be a comprehensive, effective and valuable solution”

Franco Rasello, CEO.

“Our experience with implementing Identity Management solutions shows that in order to control user permissions as well as being compliant with regulations, the Identity Management solution alone is not enough. The right way to start with a provisioning solution should be optimizing Roles. When the organization has the right correlation between the real business Roles and the permissions on the IT systems, it can grant access rights in compliance of what a user must do and control what he really can do”

Franco Rasello, CEO.



PwC PriceWaterHouseCoopers
"In my experience, role-based management is critical for achieving the true benefits and ROI of Identity Management implementation. At PwC, we have developed a superb methodology for role-based IdM, and we needed a tool that would help deploy roles on a large scale, and then manage role definitions over time. These are very difficult projects, and we found Sage to be the ultimate tool in these circumstances. Furthermore, we discovered that Sage provides the customer with substantial benefits in auditing and compliance. Following our lead, PwC partners worldwide plan to use Sage in projects that cater to the needs of some of the largest organizations."

Marc Sel, Director - Security Solutions, PwC Belgium.

“Managing the identity management task is eased considerably if users are grouped logically into roles. Role-based access control (RBAC) allows an organization to define a framework of user rights based on their real business information needs. Handling users as they move through an organization is then more easily managed by migrating them between roles”

Peter Shilitto.



“In our day-to-day practice we see our customers struggle to do more with fewer resources. Fast and crisp execution of IdM projects is a real challenge. We have made incredible leaps forward by applying Eurekify technology to speed up the process aimed at pinpointing user profiles and roles. Sage not only appeared to be a substantial cost saver, it also showed customers astonishing insights in their non-compliance with security policies.”

Rob Bus, Managing Director SecurIT.



“Eurekify Sage technology provides role management solutions that are extremely important for achieving a successful IdM deployment. Sage is the perfect tool for assessing specific needs within a large organization. It is also important for attaining administrative efficiency, reduce employee downtime and to improve security. We have found our customers to be very enthusiastic about Sage. It has given us the upper hand being able to offer our customers the ability to plan for and deploy roles on a large scale and to manage these role definitions over a period of time, with ease of use. We at Secoz are very pleased with the results and are optimistic for deploying Sage in many more projects.”

Ophir Zilbiger, CEO, Secoz Ltd.



Southwest Securities
“Role definition applications can significantly reduce the cost of the process (by 40-60% according to a leading systems integrator). To our knowledge, Eurekify and Beta Systems are the only vendors in this space.”

Michael Tieu and Andrey Glukhov.



IT Intergroup A/S
“From Years of experience in implementing enterprise user administration systems in large environments, we strongly recommend a structured and business-aligned approach to the implementation method. This is best achieved through the role based method, where the business role is key, and the technical implications are derived in the early stages.”

Jesper Oestergaard, CEO.



Burton Group
“Efficient and timely administration, consistent access management model for resources, and scalability to manage growing user populations remain as strong drivers for IT administration staffs to explore role-based models … The advent of user provisioning systems, to manage account creation and maintenance, with advanced and flexible workflow is obviating the need to encapsulate all possible business function privileges in a pre-defined role”

Gerry Gebel.

“In order for shared provisioning between enterprises and within communities of interest, there needs to be an accepted definition of roles and the associated entitlements”

Kevin Kampman

“Enterprise customers need the flexibility and administrative scalability that RBAC makes possible”

Phil Schacter.



Gartner Group
“The main impediments to installing EUA tools are the lack of documented access roles based on business functionality… Customers report that the more time they spend in the planning stages of the project, the more successful the implementation”

Roberta Witty and Bill Malik.



“Tools that allow the enterprise to set up roles for different types of users, set permission policies on those roles, and propagate the results, would certainly help.”

John Daly and Roseann MacLean Day.



Meta Group
“Justification for implementing role-based access control includes increased administrative efficiency, reduced employee downtime, and improved security. While there are no detailed studies quantifying these benefits, a conservative thought exercise to estimate benefits can be very enlightening. A reduction in administrative time per user of five minutes per year, coupled with a reduction in downtime of two hours per user, yields an approximate cost savings of $850,000 per year for an organization with 50,000 employees (assumption: administrator salary is $60/hour; average employee salary is $40/hour; average turnover plus growth rate is 15%)”

Mark Bouchard.



“Leading security initiatives for the rest of this year will include… Launching or continuing rollouts of role-based administration and provisioning products…”, and also “[the number of security administration staff will vary] between 1/1,000 up to 1/6,000 [employees] depending on how successfully you implement role-based access control (RBAC)”

Steve Hunt.



Network Applications Consortium
“We are enormously impressed by the potential benefits that RBAC has to offer both system administrators and end-users”

Harold Albrecht, NAC Chairman.



BMC Software
"Role-based access control (RBAC) is a highly effective way to manage user access rights, and is key to the successful implementation of security management best practices. By grouping access rights according to business needs, Identity Management solutions can provide efficient management of user privileges - for employees, partners, and customers - throughout the entire life cycle of their interaction with the enterprise. Eurekify technology, through its integration with BMC CONTROL-SA, facilitates the rapid implementation of an extensive framework of roles that is leveraged to automate user provisioning processes, and streamline access rights management”

Doron Cohen, Chief Architect, Security Line of Business.