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Investors Bank and Trust
With over $1.95 Trillion under management, Investors Bank & Trust (IBT) provides securities processing services for a variety of financial asset managers. Managing many IT systems such as Active Directory, Tivoli Access Manager, and Oracle Applications, IBT needed to have a consolidated view of all access rights, and to design and maintain a privileges model that is based on business roles. IBT chose Eurekify as its Enterprise Role Management platform, and chose Watson SCS for the implementation project. Subsequently, IBT chose IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) to automate this model in ongoing provisioning of privileges. Over a period of less than 6 months, IBT was able to define and implement a role-based privileges model that consists of 800 roles (300 organizational and 500 functional). These roles were then deployed in ITIM for ongoing management, and are now periodically reviewed in Eurekify ERM for adaptations and change. To read the full story click here

International Bank
An international bank with WW activities and over 11,000 employees.  The bank provides private, business and government customers with a full range of financial services. The IT systems run on a variety of platforms such as IBM Mainframe (Top Secret); multi-domain Active Directory; Data warehouse with Business Objects analytics; DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Databases; and many other banking applications.  A massive cleanup on all major systems was performed with thousands of accounts, groups and privileges removed.  To date, 586 business roles were defined on top of 935 applicative roles.  Roles were then reviewed, revised, and finally approved by the business managers in 9 divisions. �The Roles are to be deployed as provisioning policies within the bank�s chosen provisioning platform, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager.  To read the full story click here

Insurance Company
As part of an integrated audit at a medium-sized insurance company, KPMG�s Information Security Services group was required to audit the company�s information systems and validate correct usage of access rights to information resources. The company has over 8,000 users and runs its major insurance systems on AS/400. The team identified obsolete and suspected privileges such as overlapping, redundant and out-of-pattern privileges and validated them with the customer�s IT and business managers.  Segregation of duty rules were checked against the actual privileges, identifying violations and issuing recommendations for fixes. As aside, the customer was also presented with an overall view of its access rights structure, and with reports summarizing the issues and exceptions they need to address. To read the full story click here

KPN, Large European Telecommunications Service Provider
This company is the major provider for fixed-line and mobile services in its country, with 25000 employees and a number of business units. The company needed to certify approximately 70 applications for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and national regulations. PriceWaterhouseCoopers and KPMG used Eurekify to code and verify compliance with approximately 80 policies. Each policy comprised of 10-15 Segregation of duty and other business process rules, covering single application and cross-application business processes. The project was completed in under 4 months, and the customer has been able to identify and cleanup violations. In the ongoing the customer intends to use Eurekify for periodic re-verification of compliance with same and updated policies. To read a PwC article on this project click here

PGE, US Utility Provider (Energy)
This Utility Provider, the largest in its state, has more than a century of experience in power delivery.� The company generates power from a diverse mix of resources, including hydropower, coal and natural gas. It has more than 3000 employees and serves 52 cities in the US. ��In order to comply with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations, the company has decided to deploy IBM Tivoli Identity Manager together with Sage Discovery and Audit. �Sage has provided the company with immediate value from the first deployment phase - defining the basic enterprise roles and using Sage Reports for auditing and cleaning. To download a powerpoint presentation on this project click here

U.S. Health Plan Provider
This HMO has over 6000 employees. �The initial phase included 8 weeks deployment of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM) and 2 weeks for designing Roles with Sage DNA. �The focus was on 6 systems including RACF, AD, SQL, Facets, etc.  106 roles were implemented during the first phase and more are continuously being added.  Several different Sage role engineering methods were utilized.  Characteristic and rule-based roles were discovered and deployed in TIM as dynamic roles. Additional common access patterns were discovered using other Sage methods, and were deployed as provisioning policies. �Roles approval was implemented using TIM�s own workflow.

Large European Retailer
A large European retailer with over 4,000 employees has decided to implement an Identity Management solution.� It was clear for the company from the start that they would like to implement an IdM solution using a Role-based model.� After a thorough search they selected IBM Tivoli Manager and Eurekify Sage Discovery and Audit.� The client is currently implementing the combined solution.

Dutch Bank
A Dutch bank with 2,000 employees decided to implement an IdM solution. It was very important for them to implement an IdM solution using a Role-based model.� As part of the process, they realized that they can discover a lot about their needs using Eurekify�s Sage Survey.� A survey was conducted and as a result they have decided to endorse Eurekify immediately and start using it for cleaning and role management.� Later on the bank selected an IdM solution (Bhold) and is currently deploying roles.

Large U.S. Insurance Company
A large insurance company with over 6,000 employees implemented BMC Control SA a year ago with no roles.� They discovered that such an implementation lacks the order required and therefore began searching for a complimentary Role Management solution.� Eurekify�s Sage DNA was introduced and self evaluated.� The client was very pleased with the outcome and is currently in its first implementation stages of the role management solution.

Leading Norwegian Bank
This bank is one of the leading banks in Norway. The bank has realized the need for IdM and is in the process of evaluating a few IdM options. Sage DNA was selected to manage the Role-based access rights in the bank�s major systems such as ACF2, Lotus Notes and Active Directory. With Sage the bank plans to perform access rights cleansing as well as to continuously manage its business roles. As a first phase, the bank has created the Sage enterprise database of access rights and defined the first batch of business roles. The bank is currently continuing to define and update its business roles to fit its business practices.

U.S. Leading Mortgage Lender
This leading mortgage lender is one of fastest growing lenders in the US. With about 4000 employees and a growth rate of 200 employees per month, the customer had the urgent need to deploy RBAC-based IdM. The company has chosen Sage DNA as its Role Management solution.�� The customer has realized very quick value from Sage defining over 160 roles in 4 weeks. As new hires are joining the company, the Security Administrators are provisioning them based on the new Role-based privileges model as well as continuously updating the business Role structure.