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Wednesday, March 7, 2007 , 9:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Burton Group Kevin Kampman Presents His Vision for Successful Role Management

David Hochhauser presents Adaptive Role Management - an effective approach to implement best practices

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 7, 2007– On March 6, Eurekify, the pioneer and leading provider of role-based management and compliance solutions, hosted a webinar with Mr. Kevin Kampman, Senior Analyst of Burton Group. A recording of this webinar is now available at: /webinars/070306.Burton.recorded/contact.asp

Role-based privileges management is now recognized as best practice when it comes to automated provisioning and regulatory compliance. Unfortunately, the construction and ongoing management of a role model was always considered a very difficult task. This has changed five years ago, when Eurekify pioneered the use of pattern recognition technology in role engineering and role management processes.

In this webinar

Kevin Kampman, Senior Analyst, Burton Group presents: “Succeeding with Role Management”

  • The importance of a robust role model for Identity Management and beyond
  • Best practices for the construction and ongoing management of a role model
  • Current trends in role management

David Hochhauser, Vice President of Eurekify, presents: “Best Practices in Role Management” - a short and effective approach that uses Eurekify Adaptive Role Management to

  • Quickly create a robust role-based privileges model that reflects formal and informal business practices
  • Continuously track and review the role model as it is adapted to business changes
  • Leveraging analytics for highly productive role engineering, role management, and compliance  business processes

Listen to this webinar to learn more how pattern-based analytics can substantially speed up your role management projects, while also making role management business processes so much more effective.

This presentation is part of a series of presentations that highlight the use of Eurekify technology in role-based privileges management and compliance projects.

About Eurekify:

Eurekify is the leading provider of Role Management, Auditing and Compliance solutions. Eurekify’s Sage Enterprise Role Management (ERM) helps large organizations assess their Identity Management (IdM) needs, and deploy a business oriented role-based system that maximizes security and manageability. Eurekify Sage also allows enforcement and verification of IT controls and compliance with internal policies as well as regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, FERC, Basel II, etc. Leveraging on advanced pattern-recognition technology, Eurekify Sage is unique in its capabilities and is regularly recommended by leading IdM implementers worldwide.

For more information please contact us.