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Monday, January 15, 2007 , 9:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Eurekify Reports a Very Successful 2006, Doubling Revenue For the Third Year in a Row

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 9, 2007 – Eurekify, the pioneer and leading provider of role-based privileges management solutions, is pleased to announce a third record year of revenue and profits.  Eurekify’s year-to-year revenue has more than doubled as compared to 2005 and the number of new customers has also increased dramatically Customers around the world have embraced Eurekify’s unique technology and approach to role-based privileges management and compliance.

Eurekify’s customer base includes leading banks and financial services organizations, telecommunications companies, healthcare providers, retailers, and governments. Common to Eurekify customers is the realization that privileges need to be managed in accordance with individuals’ business roles. They use Eurekify as an independent privileges management platform, or as a companion to an identity and access management of their choice.

Eurekify’s unique analytical approach enables quick and effective completion of otherwise very difficult role-based privileges management projects. Typical projects where Eurekify is used range from privileges cleanup and privileges quality management projects, to role engineering and role management, to identity auditing, privileges recertification and attestation, and compliance projects.

During 2006, Eurekify made its technology available in more business processes, both internally, and in other business systems such as Identity Management systems via web services. Eurekify’s processes are designed to support Identity Management and regulatory processes in a simple and quick to implement fashion. Eurekify’s unique pattern recognition technology increases the effectiveness and accuracy of business managers decisions, and helps reduce project total time, cost, and risk.

Finally, Eurekify congratulates 13 new business partners that have joined the Eurekify family of leading experts in the areas of security, identity management, auditing, and compliance.

� “2006 has been a great year for Eurekify”, says Azi Cohen, Eurekify CEO, “We find that customers that are new to role-based privileges management are seeking solutions that will enable them to quickly build and deploy a role model, whereas maturing customers look for solutions that can serve them for the long haul in maintaining and adapting their role model to business changes. Eurekify’s unique technology provides a true and proven solution to both.”

About Eurekify:

Eurekify is the leading provider of Role Management, Auditing and Compliance solutions. Eurekify’s Sage Discovery and Audit (DNA) helps large organizations assess their Identity Management (IdM) needs, and deploy a business oriented role-based system that maximizes security and manageability. Recognized by IdM specialists, role-based management is critical for successful IdM implementations. Sage DNA also allows enforcement and verification of IT controls and compliance with internal policies as well as regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, FERC, Basel II, etc. Leveraging on advanced pattern-recognition technology, Sage DNA is unique in its capabilities and is regularly recommended by leading IdM implementers worldwide.

For more information please contact us.