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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 , 9:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

In a joint webinar with Gartner Vice President Roberta Witty, Eurekify Presents a Quick and Effective Approach to Plan and Prepare for Identity and Access Management Projects

On November 15th a joint webinar with, Eurekify Vice President David Hochhauser and Gartner Vice President and leading Identity Management analyst Roberta Witty presented a Pre-IdM analysis, planning and preparation methodology.

Eurekify’s approach utilizes advanced pattern recognition technology to help organizations quickly identify and quantify their own Identity Management (IdM) needs, and to prepare and plan IdM deployment projects. In a nutshell, this approach is useful to:

  • Identify IdM needs and priorities
  • Build and quantify a business case for IdM
  • Better plan and reduce the risks in IdM deployment projects.
  • Prepare and cleanup privileges in target systems in preparation for IdM deployment
  • Prepare a role-based provisioning policy to be deployed in new IdM environment

To contact Eurekify, or to receive a replay of this webinar, please click here


Identity Management and Automated Provisioning solutions are often viewed as part of the solution to organizational privileges quality issues. A typical large organization manages millions of individual access rights, spread across many IT systems. These privileges need to be continuously changed to reflect business changes, a feat that is almost impossible without automated provisioning tools. Recent studies show that on average 30% of all privileges are wrong – a security and compliance nightmare.

Automated role-based provisioning, where privileges are granted to a user not individually but in logical groups that reflect that user’s business roles, promises to be the solution. A role-based model is one that is easier to manage (3-5 roles per person, instead of the current average of 50 individual privileges), and one that is easier to manage collaboratively.

However, the same issues that Identity Management is intended to solve are also the ones that present significant challenges to its own deployment.

  • It is difficult to deploy IdM without having a good understanding and reasonable control over the privileges data
  • It is difficult to deploy IdM over systems that are themselves in bad shape from a privileges quality perspective
  • It is difficult to deploy IdM over system that use privileges management mechanisms that are inconsistent with other systems, and/or with those designed into the IdM system of choice, and/or cannot be well correlated to the organizational HR system.
  • It is difficult to define provisioning policies without understanding the guiding principles based on which privileges are granted today, and without comparing alternative role structures and role engineering processes.
  • It is difficult to deploy IdM and provisioning without the collaboration of business line managers who see what is in it for them.

Similar challenges are encountered by organizations that try to automate compliance processes.

Eurekify offers short and effective projects to:

  • Initially analyze the current situation, identify current IdM/provisioning practices, define IdM needs and goals, and plan a less risky deployment project – all in a project that often takes only one week
  • Prepare the existing systems to simplify IdM deployment, and at the same time improve privileges quality
  • Effectively plan and engineer a role-based privileges model for IdM and Provisioning.

About Eurekify:

Eurekify is the leading provider of Role Management, Auditing and Compliance solutions. Eurekify’s Sage Discovery and Audit (DNA) helps large organizations assess their Identity Management (IdM) needs, and deploy a business oriented role-based system that maximizes security and manageability. Recognized by IdM specialists, role-based management is critical for successful IdM implementations. Sage DNA also allows enforcement and verification of IT controls and compliance with internal policies as well as regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, FERC, Basel II, etc. Leveraging on advanced pattern-recognition technology, Sage DNA is unique in its capabilities and is regularly recommended by leading IdM implementers worldwide.

For more information please contact us.