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Monday, Oct 2, 2006 , 9:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release


Technology Leaders Integrate Robust Role Analytics With Global Identity Architecture To Rapidly Deploy Role-based Provisioning with Real-Time Enforcement Enterprise-Wide

Naples, FL (October 2, 2006): Fischer International, thought leaders in Identity Management, and Eurekify, the pioneer and technology leader in Enterprise Role Management, today announced a partnership that will enable analytical role-based access control and provisioning in multi-domain and multi-enterprise environments, giving organizations stronger levels of security, faster time to value, and significant cost savings for administration and compliance.

"Fischer and Eurekify have addressed a long-standing market demand to simplify and accelerate the task of managing identities and entitlements across multiple user constituencies in a way that reflects business roles and processes" said Azi Cohen, CEO Eurekify. "The combination of Eurekify and Fischer meets this market demand, while eliminating the significant financial and labor investment to deploy and maintain role-based identity management."
Eurekify's Sage solution encompasses the 5C’s of role management – control, create, comply, collate, collaborate - to very quickly analyze, audit, and cleanse an organization's population of roles, accounts, and entitlements and determine the optimum role management model based on specific goals and priorities. Fischer's Identity Management solution is both 100% SOA-compliant and based on an integration technology, enabling customers to very quickly deploy event-driven, real-time provisioning that enforces business policies and compliance across any number of systems, domains, business partners, and outsourcing clients. The web services-based integration of the two leading identity technologies provides organizations with "push button" deployment of Eurekify's role management models into Fischer's global provisioning environment, creating an easily-deployed and secure role-based identity management environment. Specifically, Fischer Identity Suite automatically converts Eurekify's role management models into provisioning policies and Separation of Duties rules needed for comprehensive real-time provisioning and compliance. Provisioning results are first engaged in a staged environment so that roles and entitlements can be validated, audited, and refined before being moved into production.

"The low-cost, leading-edge characteristics of both solutions make role-based identity management affordable and compelling for enterprises of all sizes," said Renee' Bacherman, President and CEO, Fischer International. Larger organizations can re-focus IT staff and budget on more critical, customer-facing applications and services. Smaller organizations can quickly deploy a full-scale role-based identity environment, affordably and without numerous, specialized resources."


About Eurekify:

Eurekify is the pioneer and leading provider of Enterprise Role Management, Auditing and Compliance solutions. Eurekify's Enterprise Role Management empowers companies to manage their privileges and policies from a business perspective, while applying effective risk control and consistency measures. Delivering key analytical and managerial capabilities, Eurekify ensures that privileges and policies are continually monitored, planned, developed and maintained to meet the organizations goals in a changing environment. Eurekify allows enforcement and verification of IT controls and compliance with internal policies as well as regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, and Basel II. Eurekify has business offices in Israel and the US, and is represented by a diverse partner network around the world.

For more information please contact us.


About Fischer International

Fischer International was founded in 1982 by Addison Fischer, a security visionary whose many accomplishments are recognized globally. Headquartered in Naples, Florida, Fischer International has a distinguished history of innovation and thought leadership in the security industry. Fischer continues this tradition by being the first to deliver the next-generation of Identity Management. The solution, Fischer Identity Suite, is built upon DataForum™, Fischer’s standards-based provisioning, approval, and compliance engine. By design, the engine is an integration technology as Fischer recognized that integration is the lifeblood of enterprise Identity Management. Additionally, compliance is organically incorporated throughout because compliance must be part of the DNA in any Identity Management solution. Like all Fischer solutions, the Fischer Identity Suite will stand the test of time. For additional information, please visit