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Tuesday, Jun 13, 2006 , 9:00 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Eurekify Sage ERM 3.0 Delivers Analytical Collaboration to Further Accelerate Enterprise Role Management

Eurekify Sage ERM enhances the collaboration between IT and business managers throughout the role management lifecycle, adds enterprise portal and further advances top-down and bottom-up role engineering technology

Eurekify, the pioneer and leading provider of Enterprise Role Management, today announces the release of Eurekify Sage Enterprise Role Manager (ERM) v3.0. Leveraging Eurekify’s award winning pattern recognition technology, the new release enables true collaboration between IT and the business empowering the enterprise to more rapidly and effectively audit, create, and maintain Role-based Identity Management. Eurekify Sage ERM v3.0 also enhances collaborative support for automated verification and demonstration of compliance with regulations and internal policies.
“An effectively executed role management program will benefit an organization by helping to articulate the relationship of business responsibilities to technology privileges and access rights. Understanding and maintaining these relationships is fundamental to compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as to address audit findings,” says Kevin Kampman, Practice Manager and Senior Consultant, Burton Group.  “Organizations will benefit by gaining control over administrative costs, including redundant and potentially conflicting activities, as well as by eliminating improper assignments.”
Customers and analysts have defined the 5 main capabilities (5C’s) required from an Enterprise Role Management solution:

  • Control – Quickly gain enterprise-wide view of “who’s doing what and why”
  • Create – Rapidly build a role based model according to business needs, and then continuously adapt it as the business changes
  • Comply – Promptly comply with policies and regulations, prepare for audits, and certify by auditors and business managers…as they change
  • Correlate – Correlate privileges to detect inconsistencies, exceptions or changes in model, for all role stakeholders throughout its lifecycle
  • Collaborate - Provide IT and business managers a collaborative environment to certify and manage privileges and policies, as well as analyze risks

With Eurekify Sage v3.0 organizations can now easily and quickly address the 5C’s of Enterprise Role Management. Eurekify Sage v3.0 is the only role management solution that provides the full role management lifecycle needed by IT and business managers. It offers powerful analytical tools that are the foundation for the creation and on going maintenance of the Role-based privileges model, as well as a sophisticated business collaboration server and enterprise portal to assist business managers with role management, risk and policy compliance decisions.
The enhanced version offers the following new capabilities to maximize the benefits of true role-based identity management:

  • Eurekify Sage Portal - Common entry point for easy access and authorization by the enterprise to all Eurekify Sage ERM functions
  • Business Collaboration – Role approval and privileges certification process support for IT and business managers to review, change and certify the defined roles and associated user privileges. Privileges request process support permits organizations to provide user and manager self-service.
  • Role Engineering - Rule-based role discovery and automatic user assignment, for creating roles that match a set of HR attributes and automatically assign or delete users according to the rules
  • Data Management - Additional standard interfaces to more rapidly connect Sage ERM with a broad range of common systems and applications. New interfaces include: IBM Tivoli Identity Manager interface using the IBM API, UNIX and SAP.

Eurekify Sage ERM v3.0 is vendor neutral, empowering all vendor and home grown IdM solutions, or used independently.

“The enhanced and exciting Sage ERM enterprise platform is based on our extensive experience in the marketplace dealing with the enormous challenges of Role Management and Identity management implementations” says Azi Cohen, Eurekify CEO, “We are constantly looking to provide our customers with new analytical and collaborative features and state-of-the-art tools that will allow them to rapidly gain the full benefits of Enterprise Role Management.”

About Eurekify:

Eurekify is the pioneer and leading provider of Enterprise Role Management, Auditing and Compliance solutions. Eurekify’s Enterprise Role Management empowers companies to manage their privileges and policies from a business perspective, while applying effective risk control and consistency measures. Delivering key analytical and managerial capabilities, Eurekify ensures that privileges and policies are continually monitored, planned, developed and maintained to meet the organization’s goals in a changing environment. Eurekify allows enforcement and verification of IT controls and compliance with internal policies as well as regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and Basel II. Eurekify has business offices in Israel and the US, and is represented by a diverse partner network around the world.

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